Similar Fashion is an avant-rollercoaster band from Los Angeles. Led by saxophonist Logan Hone, Similar Fashion features Lauren Baba (viola), Gregory Uhlmann (guitar), & Jesse Quebbeman-Turley (drums). The band combines Logan’s kinetic compositions with intense and joyous singing, interlocking grooves, and dancing.

Their debut album, Logan Hone’s Similar Fashion, was released in 2015 on pfMentum and was described by LA Weekly as "a mostly irreverent romp full of chaotic sounds.” Downtown Music Gallery called it a “breath of fresh air” that “certainly does feel good.”

Similar Fashion toured twice in 2016 and has performed and presented lectures at Cry and Roar 6, University of Utah, University of Reno, Snow College, College of Southern Idaho, Berkeley Arts Festival, The Blue Whale, Open Gate Concert Series, MorYork, and more.


a mostly irreverent romp full of chaotic sounds deftly organized by HoneLA Weekly

boldness, irreverence and humor enough.All About Jazz

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The band sounds like they are getting ready to be the soundtrack for an animation film festival, or at least a Warner Brothers Saturday morning matinee.Jazz Weekly

There is an underlying feeling of humor that runs through this disc as well as some crafty writing which makes this much easier to swallow than much of the more noisy or more complex music that I music often review. That breath of fresh air certainly does feel good. I always dig music that is impossible to pigeonhole yet remains compelling in unexpected ways.Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

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