a mostly irreverent romp full of chaotic sounds deftly organized by Hone — LA Weekly

difficult music to be labeled (how wonderful!), abnormal instrumentation, boldness, irreverence and humor enough. — All About Jazz

There is an underlying feeling of humor that runs through this disc as well as some crafty writing which makes this much easier to swallow than much of the more noisy or more complex music that I music often review. That breath of fresh air certainly does feel good. I always dig music that is impossible to pigeonhole yet remains compelling in unexpected ways.Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

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The band sounds like they are getting ready to be the soundtrack for an animation film festival, or at least a Warner Brothers Saturday morning matinee.Jazz Weekly

experimental and adventurous sonic scientists searching for the perfect storm of sounds. — Portland Mercury

Very fluid mental stuff. — Babysue

He’s a jazz musician, but his sound has a great deal of indie rock thrown into the mix, and he thrives on blurring musical genres. —

Fans of Colin Stetson will already have their brain open thoroughly wide enough to jam out to this. — Independent Clauses

Similar Fashion rambles its way through a variety of fresh ideas, and each piece contains fresh revelations. —

I’m impressed, and know you will be, too, if you dig exploration and adventure in your listening!  I give Logan & crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98. — Rotcod Zzaj

Avant Music News Picks of the Week Alto saxophonist Logan Hone exemplifies all that is exciting, promising, and commendable about today’s younger generation of up-and-coming creative jazz musicians—besides being well-rounded and technically adept on his instrument, he has embraced a plethora of diverse and potent influences and woven them into a dynamic, compelling, and personal musical fabric that both challenges and satisfies. — Alex Cline's Open Gate Concert Series