How Mohit Baghel Died?

Is Mohit baghel alive?

Deceased (1993–2020)Mohit Baghel/Living or Deceased.

Who is known as Chote Miyan of Bollywood?

Arun KushwahaArun Kushwaha. is an Indian Actor, Writer, and YouTuber. He is famous by the name Chote Miyan.

Who is Arun Kushwaha?

Arun Kushwaha is an Actor, Writer, and YouTuber, he was born on 29 November 1990, in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Arun got Popularity from his ‘Chote Miya’ in TSP and TVF. … He also has a Youtube Channel named ‘ Chote Miyan’, which has 1.10 million subscribers.

What happened with Mohit baghel?

Related. MUMBAI: Actor Mohit Baghel, best known for playing Amar Chaudhary in superstar Salman Khan’s “Ready”, has died of cancer. He was 26. Writer-director Raaj Shaandilyaa told PTI that the actor passed away on Saturday morning in his hometown Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

What cancer did Mohit baghel?

As far as I know, the cancer was in his Kidney and then had slowly shifted to his chest, so things got critical as it was on the third stage already. Due to which they couldn’t remove his Kidney, so his chemotherapy was on after which they were supposed to operate on him, but he passed away before that.”

What is the age of Mohit baghel?

26 years (1993–2020)Mohit Baghel/Age at death

Is Mohit baghel dead?

Deceased (1993–2020)Mohit Baghel/Living or Deceased