Is Loveyatri A Hit?

Who is the hero and heroine of LoveYatri?

Meet Warina Hussain, the heroine of “LoveYatri.” We chat up the peppy actress in a rapid-fire chat..

Is mitron hit or flop?

Mitron Hit or Flop Mitron will be considered a hit if it crosses 25 Crores and will be considered average if it crosses 15 Crores.

Who is Aayush Sharma wife?

Arpita Khanm. 2014Aayush Sharma/Wife

Who is the father of Warina Hussain?

The debutante Warina Hussain who is all set to set foot in Bollywood opposite Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Aayush Sharma was not born in India. Reportedly, she is an only child of an Iraqi father and Afghani mother. She moved from country to country to pursue her career before she settled down in India.

How much did LoveYatri earn?

Loveyatri – A Journey of Love (Hindi pronunciation: [ləʋjaːt̪ɾɪ]) is a 2018 Indian Hindi romantic drama film produced by Salman Khan under Salman Khan Films and directed by debutante Abhiraj Minawala. It is inspired by the Telugu film Devadasu….LoveyatriBox office₹181.4 million15 more rows

Is machine hit or flop?

Box Office Verdict 2017: Hits Flops & Budget ListMovie NameBox Office CollectionBudget (Cost+ P&A)Machine3.25 Crore25 CroreKatamarayudu84.5 Crore gross70 CroreBeauty and Beast15 Crore$160 MillionCommando 221.9 Crore20 Crore76 more rows•Jun 16, 2019

What is the story of LoveYatri?

Romance blossoms between young Sushrut and Michelle when they meet during the festival of Navratri. When Michelle returns home to the United Kingdom, Sushrut embarks on an adventurous journey through a strange land to win back the woman he loves.Loveyatri/Film synopsis

Who is the producer of Loveyatri?

Salman KhanSalma KhanLoveyatri/Producers

Why did aayush marry Arpita?

Some folks may look at Aayush and Arpita together, and assume that just because Aayush has a lighter skin tone and looks thinner, he’s somehow settling for less by marrying her. And that apparently only because Salman promised to launch him as a star is why he married Arpita.

What is the age of Aayush Sharma?

30 years (October 26, 1990)Aayush Sharma/Age

Who is Ayush Sharma parents?

Anil SharmaSunita SharmaAayush Sharma/Parents

Is LoveYatri flop or hit?

LoveYatri Budget, Screens & Box Office Collection India, Overseas, WorldWideBudget25.00 Crores [15 Cr (Production Cost) + 10 Cr (Prints & Publicity)]Collection (India)11.25 Crore [Life Time]Collection (WorldWide)16.42 Crore [Life Time]Collection (Overseas)$00.27 Million / 02.00 Crore [Till 07-October-18]Hit / FlopFlop1 more row