Question: How Do You Hit Someone In Bob The Robber?

How do you play Bob the robber 3?

Use the shadows to hide and stay still until you can dash to safety.

No one can see you when you become one with the shadows.

The dark circles under the eyes of the guards and the sluggish movements give away the bad working conditions of this place.

Wait for the right time to knock them unconscious..

Who created Bob the robber?

publisher FlazmBob the robber first game release date in 16 sep 2011 on video game site Kongregate from publisher Flazm….Bob The RobberDevelopers:.MeowBeast Flazm.comPlay It:Bob The RobberSequels:Bob The Robber 2 Bob The Robber 36 more rows

Where can I play Bob the robber?

Bob the Robber To Go – Play it now at

How do you play Bob the robbers 4 Season 2 Russia?

You must help Bob in his task and first sneak past the elite Russian security guards. During each level you must sneak past the guards and then steal a variety of money, treasure and precious items.

How do you play Bob the robber 4?

When you are in the same room with a guard or a security camera, find a patch of shadows to hide in. Staying still will render you invisible to the guards. Wait for the right moment to jump out and knock them unconscious! Grab your lock pick and prod every lock until it pops open!