Quick Answer: How Do I Recover My Old Comcast Email?

Can I have 2 email accounts on Comcast?

Create Up to Seven Email Accounts Change your email address, or transfer your email and contacts from other accounts to Comcast.net, at https://comcast.transfermyemail.com.

Note: If you are no longer an Xfinity Internet or Xfinity Voice customer, you will not be able to add any new email accounts..

How long do emails stay on Comcast server?

You will have 30 days to recover deleted emails before they become permanently unavailable. You can select multiple messages by clicking the first email in your list, holding Shift and then clicking the last email in your list.

How do I transfer my Comcast email to Gmail?

Redirecting Emails from Comcast to GmailClick on “Email” from the Xfinity by Comcast website and then log in (see link in Resources).Click on “Account” from the top menu.Click on “Users and Preferences.”Click “On” in the “Email Forwarding” section.Enter your Gmail address in the “Forward all mails to” box. … Click “Save” when done.

How many emails can I have with Comcast?

seven email addressesYou are able to create up to seven email addresses associated with your account. To add an email address, sign in at xfinity.com under your Primary Account. Select the My Account link on the xfinity.com home page. In the Email Settings table, select Create Additional Email Accounts.

How do I get rid of my Comcast email?

Sign into My Account as the primary user. Click the Users tab. Locate the user you wish to remove, then click Edit to the right of their name. Click Remove to permanently delete the ID from your account.

Is there an Xfinity app for email?

The Xfinity Connect app lets you access your email and voice messages on the go, and is currently available for iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets and iPads. … Make sure you have your Comcast email address and password handy.

Can I keep my email address if I switch providers?

Keeping your email address when you switch broadband providers. Not all providers will allow you to keep your email address once you switch. For example, Virgin Media will delete your email account once you’ve left. However, a number of other providers allow you to retain access to your email address for a monthly fee.

How do I change my Comcast email address?

Change Your Email SettingsGo to www.xfinity.com and click the Email. icon.Log in using your Xfinity ID and password.Click the Settings icon. in the upper-right corner of the page, and select Email Settings to see the mail settings.Changes will be saved after each setting is adjusted.

How long will Comcast let you go without paying your bill?

14 daysComcast says it waits 14 days, but there is a grace period, and they will work with customers who have trouble paying their bill. For the present, however, the company is not moving off the statement printed on its bills: 14 days or get charged an extra $5 next month.

Does Comcast delete old emails?

Email Default Settings Email deletion settings program Xfinity Connect to remove old messages from your Spam and Trash folders automatically. These settings apply to the date of the email; the settings are listed below. Note: Email deletion settings cannot be customized, and the default settings above cannot be edited.

Why can’t I log into my Comcast email account?

If you are unable to log in to your Comcast email account, it can be because you are entering the wrong password or you have forgotten your password or it can also be because someone hacked your account and changed your password.

How do I access my Comcast email?

Sign In On Your Mobile DeviceDownload the Xfinity My Account app (download for Apple or Android).Open the app and sign in with your Xfinity ID and password.Use the app to pay bills, troubleshoot services and change account settings.

Can I freeze my Comcast account?

You can put your Xfinity services on hold with no reconnection charge and no service call needed when you return — availability and plans vary by location. This is one of the great benefits of the Seasonal Convenience Plan.

How far back does Comcast keep emails?

nine monthsAs a former Xfinity customer, you can still use your Comcast.net email address if you logged into your account in the 90 days prior to disconnecting your service. Your email account will remain active as long as you access it at least once every nine months.

How do I reactivate my Comcast account?

Reactivate your service today.” To begin the payment process, you must enter either the telephone number associated with the account or the account number itself, then select Continue. You will automatically be billed the amount owed, and your services will be restored.

How do I access my Comcast net email?

Sign in to Your Comcast Email Account or Voicemail ServiceVisit xfinity.com and click the Email or Voice. … Enter your Xfinity ID and password and click Sign In.After signing in, you’ll be redirected to Xfinity Connect, your dashboard for Comcast email and voicemail service.Access your email account by clicking Mail or your voicemail by clicking Voice.

How do I kick someone off my Xfinity?

From the Services page, under Internet, click Manage Internet. Scroll down to Xfinity WiFi Hotspot Connected Devices and click Manage Devices. Click Rename to edit your device name. Click Remove to remove your device from the list of registered devices.

Why can’t I log into my Xfinity account?

Try logging into your Xfinity Mobile application or online account with your Xfinity Internet username and password. … If you’re seeing the “not a customer” screen when you try to access your account, but you are a customer, please call (888) 936-4968 and speak with an Xfinity Mobile Specialist.

What is xfinity username and password?

Your Xfinity ID is your email, mobile phone number or username. If you don’t know what your Xfinity ID is, you can use My Account, Xfinity My Account app or your Xfinity X1 TV Box to find it or check out the Xfinity ID Lookup Tool or Reset Your Xfinity Password.

How do I forward my Comcast email to Gmail?

Forward an EmailGo to xfinity.com.Select the Email icon. … Click the settings icon in the upper-right corner of the page and select Email Settings.Select Auto Forward.Put a check mark in the Enable email forwarding box, and type the email address you would like your email forwarded to.

Can I temporarily suspend my Xfinity account?

Remember, as the primary account holder, you can suspend service on any active lines for up to 14 days. Your service will automatically resume on the 15th day, unless you speak with an Xfinity Mobile Specialist to make other arrangements.