Quick Answer: How Old Is Diamond Platinum?

What Diamond song has 1 billion?

cloud nineSanura Sandra Kassim, the mother to Tanzanian singer and Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) CEO Diamond Platnumz is in cloud nine.

This is after her son cumulatively hit 1 billion views on YouTube..

Who is the best singer in Tanzania?

Here are top 10 Tanzanian bongo flava artists you should know. Vanessa Mdee. Diamond Platnumz. Alikiba.

How old is Zuchu?

27 years (November 22, 1993)Zuchu/Age

What is the real name of Diamond?

Naseeb Abdul JumaDiamond Platnumz/Full name

Is Zari and Diamond back together?

We are not back together, says Zari as she lands in Tanzania with Diamond’s two children. Zari Hassan is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with Diamond Platnumz’s two children Nillan and Tiffah, two years after she left for South Africa in a huff after dumping the singer on Valentine’s Day, 2018. … I’m doing this for the kids.

How old is diamond plat?

31 Years oldDiamond Platnumz Net worthReal NameNaseeb Abdul Juma IssackNationalityTanzanianPlace of BirthTandale, Dar es SalaamAge31 Years oldGirlfriendTanasha Donna Barbier Oketch2 more rows•Apr 15, 2020

Who is Diamond sister?

Queen DarleenEsma PlatnumzDiamond Platnumz/Sisters

How old is Darleen?

About 36 years (1985)Queen Darleen/Age

Who is the father of Diamond Platnumz?

Abdul JumaDiamond Platnumz/Fathers

Is Queen Darleen Diamond’s sister?

PHOTO: Diamond Platnumz’s sister Queen Darleen welcomes daughter. The two lovebirds held a baby shower in early September, 2020, ahead of her delivery date in an exquisite ceremony graced by her family and close friends including top WCB signees.

Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa (born 22 August 1993), better known by his stage name Rayvanny, is a Tanzanian musician, songwriter and recording artist signed under WCB Wasafi records label founded by Diamond Platnumz. Rayvanny is best known by his song “Kwetu”, which introduced him to the world.

Who is the best bongo artist?

Tanzanians have started preferencing local artists who sing in Swahili over popular international acts, leading to greater popularity. Some of the most popular Bongo Flava Tanzanian artists include Bill Nass, Vanessa Mdee, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Mbosso, Jux, and Alikiba.

Who is the richest musician in Tanzania?

Diamond PlatinumzTop 10 richest musicians in Tanzania 2021RankNameNet Worth1.Diamond Platinumz$7 million2.Ali Kiba$4.5 million3.Professor Jay$3 million4.Lady Jaydee$2.4 million6 more rows

Which song has most views on YouTube?

Most popular YouTube videos based on total global views as of February 2021 (in billions)Number of views in billions”Baby Shark Dance” – Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories7.91″Despacito”- Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee7.2″Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran5.18″See You Again” – Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth4.966 more rows•Feb 16, 2021

How many songs do diamond have?

Since the official diamond award was unveiled in 1999, it has been awarded sparingly — if a song has moved at least 10 million equivalent units by combining sales and streaming numbers, and if an artist or label requests certification. Only 45 songs in history have been certified diamond by the RIAA.

Where is Diamond platinum from?

Tandale, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaDiamond Platnumz/Place of birth

Who is the brother of Diamond?

Romeo Abdul JonesDiamond Platnumz/Brothers

Who is Diamond dating?

Tanasha DonnaWith his former partner, South African based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan, he has two children. He had his third child with the model Hamisa Mobeto. As of 2019 Diamond was dating Kenyan model and musician Tanasha Donna, with whom they have one son, Naseeb Jr., born 2 October 2019.

What language does Diamond Platnumz speak?

SwahiliDiamond Platnumz is a Tanzanian, Swahili speaking artist producing music for a Swahili speaking audience. Listen to “Marry You” here.

Who is the best musician in Africa?

East, West, and South, here is a list of the most successful African musicians.Oumou Sangare [Malian] Born: February 1968. … Diamond Platnumz [Tanzanian] Born: October 1989. … Wizkid [Nigerian] … Salif Keita [Malian] … Youssou N’dour [Senegalese] … Onyeka Onwenu [Nigerian] … Angélique Kidjo [Beninese] … King Sunny Ade [Nigerian]More items…

Who has the most YouTube subscribers in Africa?

Casper Lee1. Casper Lee. Casper Lee started his vlogs in 2011. Today, the number of his subscribers exceeds to 7.5 million.