Quick Answer: Is Diamond And Tanasha Still Together?

Is Diamond still in love with Zari?

Well, it could be wrong or correct…

But Diamond Platnumz recently proved the latter to be the case after openly professing his love and affection for ex-wife Zari Hassan.

The singer recently confirmed on his Instagram account that he still has room in his heart for the Ugandan socialite years after they parted ways..

Does Diamond Platnumz have a child?

Latifah DangoteNaseeb JuniorPrince NillanDylan Abdul NaseebDiamond Platnumz/Children

How much money does Diamond Platnumz have 2020?

The Make Me Sing hit-maker recently revealed to E! TV that his net worth – a whopping $4 million (KSh405 million), placing him as one of the wealthiest artists in Africa.

Who is the brother of Diamond?

Romeo Abdul JonesDiamond Platnumz/Brothers

How old is Zari Hassan first born?

Zari Hassan, otherwise known as the Boss Lady, was born on September 23rd, 1980. Therefore for those asking how old is Zari Hassan, Zari age should be 37 years old. She was raised in Jinja, Uganda. Surprisingly, the star is of different heritage.

Why did tanasha leave diamond?

In the interview, a calm but vague Tanasha revealed that she left Diamond after six months of trying to make things work in their relationship for the sake of their son. She intimated that she felt like the ‘Jeje’ hitmaker had lost interest in the relationship and he had stopped trying to work on their relationship.

Who is Diamond wife now?

With his former partner, South African based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan, he has two children. He had his third child with the model Hamisa Mobeto. As of 2019 Diamond was dating Kenyan model and musician Tanasha Donna, with whom they have one son, Naseeb Jr., born 2 October 2019.

What Zari said about tanasha?

Zari’s comment that Diamond and Tanasha were ‘idiots’ rattled the NRG radio presenter who fired a lengthy salvo at the South Africa based Ugandan socialite. In it, Tanasha posted that she is a “nobody” and has no interest in demeaning and tearing “another woman down.” … Two idiots,” wrote Zari.

Did Zari and Diamond get married?

Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan has moved on from Bongo star Diamond Platnumz and gotten married to the mysterious King bae.

Is tanasha married to diamond?

Diamond’s relationship with Tanasha last more than a year with the artiste promising marry his Kenyan sweetheart. But that, as expected, didn’t happen. The two parted ways in March 2019 over irreconcilable differences. Thereafter Diamond has kept his personal life private.

How old is tanasha?

23 years oldTanasha is 23 years old as of 2019.