Quick Answer: What DB Should 808 Be?

Should 808s be mono or stereo?

Generally low frequencies (especially sub bass like an 808 kick) should be in mono.

One thing that I sometimes do, though, is add some saturation/distortion, which adds some higher harmonics, then make only the higher frequencies in stereo using a stereo chorus or flanger..

Is 808 a kick or bass?

808s are like the low end(bass) of a kick, that is why they are short. A bassline can be made with long notes and doesnt have to go with the rhythm of the kick.

What is the best 808 sample pack?

8 Best 808 Sample Packs in 2021 (100% Royalty Free)Producers Choice – 808 Warfare.Zenhiser – Universal 808 Kicks.808 Earthquake.Wave Alchemy: 808 Drums.Apollo Sound – 808 Bass Samples.Trap Ultra Pack.Trap Hats & 808’s.Planet 808.More items…•Mar 19, 2021

What is an 808 car?

An 808 Camera is a general class of tiny digital camera disguised to look like an automobile key fob, leading to the cameras frequently being referred to as 808 Key Chain Cameras or 808 Key Fob Cameras.

Why can’t I hear my 808?

808s are made up almost entirely of low-end frequencies. This is why they’re tricky to mix. While you might hear them on big speakers, they often disappear on small ones that can’t play back sub frequencies. … Adding distortion to an 808 will create harmonics that extend up the frequency spectrum.

Should I sidechain kick and 808?

An ideal mix will have the kick transient hit first, and then the 808 bass fades in. However, blending the two should sound like one seamless bass sound. … The kick should cut through, while still having a seamless blend. This method is often better than using sidechain compression.

How do you EQ kick in 808?

Try using the F6 it to carve out a space for the kick to gel together with the 808—cleaning up the low-end in your mix. Sidechaining will automatically turn down those frequencies in the 808 that clash when the kick hits. In order to make this happen, you need to send the kick signal through the F6 on the 808 channel.

What is an 808 bassline?

Take a listen to Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, EDM, or just about any other genre these days and you’ll hear the distinct tones of the “808 Bass” – a term used to describe tuned and pitched sub-bass lines whose origins come from a classic drum machine, not a bass synth.

Do 808s need to be in Key?

Hip hop, rap, and trap doesn’t use any 808’s. True fact. As long as it sounds good, it’s in tune. No need to overanalyze it.

How loud should 808s be?

Instead of dressing up an 808 with half-a-dozen signal processors, just try making it louder than the other instruments. Start with all your faders down. Bring up the 808 so it’s at a reasonable level in your DAW (probably somewhere around -18 dBFS). Then, bring in all of the other instruments around it.

What dB should kick be at?

Re: Recommended -dB of bass in relation to kick I would recommend you average your levels around -18db or so and after that, while mixing, set your levels in relation to each other rather than the meter per se.

How do you get a spinz 808 to hit hard?

So like if you have a sample or you’re playing notes through piano roll, put an EQ on that channel it and just cut the low ends until your 808 hits harder.

What dB should my master be?

You’re safe somewhere around -0,5 – -3 dB, depending on the quality of your limiters and such, but many experienced forumites think -3- -6 dB is better. It’s not the peaks and the limiter that are essential, though, it’s how you use compressors.

Why is an 808 called an 808?

If you’re into hip-hop and pop, you’ve probably heard “808” at some point. That’s a reference to the iconic Roland TR-808, a drum machine created by Ikutaro Kakehashi in 1980. … The machine particularly stood out for its powerful bass drum sound.

Why should Bass be mono?

Keeping the bass mono will limit the amount of space used. Most subwoofers are mono anyway so you’ll have more control over the sound being played back on different systems if you keep the bass in mono.

How do you EQ 808 bass?

Try applying the distortion directly to the 808 track, or apply it to a high-passed parallel track so that the low frequencies are clean. With a parallel track, you can add a layer of mid- and high-frequency overtones to the sound to taste. Now the tone of your 808 will come through more clearly over smaller speakers.

How do I make my 808 louder without clipping?

Start your mix with only the 808 and set it @-6 and leave it there. If it seems too loud, everything else needs to come up. And if it’s not loud enough, turn everything else down. There’s really no other way around it.

How loud should my song be?

In general the integrated loudness value, measured with an ITU-standard meter, should be around -14LUFS, and the short-term level shouldn’t peak higher than -9LUFS.

What dB should the melody be?

They should be tracked around -12 to -18dBFS. Where the wind up during mixing depends on how you want it to sound. My 2buss usually is between -9dBFS and -4dBFS or in that general ballpark in the end.

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