Who Is The Highest Paid Employee In Kenya?

Does Safaricom pay interns?

272 Safaricom employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor….Safaricom Salaries.Job TitleSalaryIntern salaries – 41 salaries reported20,000/moInternship salaries – 13 salaries reported20,000/mo18 more rows•5 days ago.

Is Safaricom owned by Vodafone?

Safaricom PLC is a listed Kenyan mobile network operator headquartered at Safaricom House in Nairobi, Kenya. … Safaricom was formed in 1997 as a fully owned subsidiary of Telkom Kenya. In May 2000, Vodafone Group PLC of the United Kingdom acquired a 40% stake and management responsibility for the company.

Who earns highest salary in Kenya?

See List: Top 10 highest paid CEOs in Kenya and their salariesJoshua Oigara. Joshua Oigara, CEO KCB: Mr. Oigara earned Sh. 299.1 million in salary, bonus and allowances in 2019. This included a salary of Sh. … James Mwangi. James Mwangi, CEO Equity Bank: Dr. Mwangi was paid a total salary Sh. 65.1 million in the year ended December last year up from salary of Sh.Aug 7, 2020

Which job has highest salary per month?

Medical Professionals (Doctors & Surgeons) Data Scientist. Machine Learning Experts. Blockchain Developer. Full Stack Software Developer. Product Management. Management Consultant. Investment Banker.More items…•Jan 3, 2021

Who is the most paid CEO in Kenya?

Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs in Kenya 2021Gideon Muriuki(cooperative Bank)—Ksh 31.37 million per month.Joshua Oigara(KCB Bank)—Ksh 22.75 million per month.Peter Ndegwa(Safaricom)—Ksh Ksh 9 million per month.Allan Kivaluka(KQ)—Ksh 8.5 million per month.Jeremy Awori(ABSA)—Ksh8. … John Gachora(NCBA)—Ksh8. … Jane Kariuki(EABL)—Ksh7. … Benson Wairegi(Britam)—Ksh6.More items…•Jan 15, 2021

Is 80000 shillings a lot of money in Kenya?

Kshs. 80,000 can be a lot of money yet little money in Nairobi. It depends on the level of your lifestyle. It will give you a modest living but I doubt you will have a lot to save after that.

Which job is best for future?

Best Career Options in the FutureData Scientist. Data Science is one of the hottest sectors currently and for good reasons. … Data Analyst. … Blockchain Developer. … Digital Marketer. … Cloud Computing Professional. … Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Expert. … Manager (MBA) … Software Developer.More items…•Dec 11, 2020

What jobs are in demand in Kenya?

Top 10 degrees (and jobs) that will always be in demand in KenyaDegree in Information Technology.Finance and Accounting.Degree in Health Sciences.Degree in Architecture.Bachelor of Commerce and Statistics.Engineering.Journalism and Communication.Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations.More items…

What is TDR in Safaricom?

2) Trade Development Representative (TDR) The job holder will execute the development of trade within assigned region / territory and ensure optimum realization of business objectives / targets within the region.

Who is the most paid CEO?

Elon MuskBy contrast, the top-paid bank CEO was Wells Fargo & Co.’s Charlie Scharf, whose 2019 package was worth $55.2 million by the end of the year, according to the index….Highest Paid CEOs and Executives in 2019.Rank1NameElon MuskCEOCompanyTesla Inc.Total595,266,817Breakdown$595.3M9 more columns•Jul 10, 2020

Which govt job has highest salary?

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in IndiaIndian Foreign Services. Indian foreign Services officers are selected through Civil Services exams conducted by the UPSC. … IAS and IPS. IAS and IPS are the most sought-after government jobs in our country. … Defense Services. … Scientists/Engineers in ISRO, DRDO. … RBI Grade B. … PSU. … Indian Forest Services. … State Service Commissions.More items…

How much does Safaricom pay its employees?

Safaricom SalariesJob TitleSalaryCustomer Experience Executive salaries – 12 salaries reported72,500/moCustomer Service Representative salaries – 12 salaries reported52,500/moSoftware Engineer salaries – 9 salaries reported150,000/moCustomer Experience Executive salaries – 7 salaries reported57,000/mo16 more rows

How much does a president earn in Kenya?

President of KenyaPresident of The Republic of Kenya Rais wa Jamhuri ya Kenya (Swahili)Inaugural holderJomo Kenyatta 12 December 1964DeputyDeputy President of KenyaSalaryKES.1,650,000 monthlyWebsitepresident.go.ke6 more rows

What are the top 5 careers?

Get Matched!Physician Assistant. #1 in 100 Best Jobs. … Software Developer. #2 in 100 Best Jobs. … Nurse Practitioner. #3 in 100 Best Jobs. … Medical and Health Services Manager. #4 in 100 Best Jobs. … Physician. #5 in 100 Best Jobs. … Statistician. #6 in 100 Best Jobs. … Speech-Language Pathologist. #7 in 100 Best Jobs. … Data Scientist.More items…

How much does a chief earn in Kenya?

Chief’s starts at Ksh. 35,000 to Ksh. 55,000.